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Goals and Methodology
Percep-GAP : Evaluation methodology Questions & Answers

Management Assessment: Goals and Methodology

B-Aron Conseil has developed a new assessment method for managers named Percep-GAP.

The method was inspired by the 360 approach whilst respecting the difficult equilibrium between the intuitive aspects and the formalised processes.


  • Assess the perception of the manager's abilities, relative to his/her function, the company and the professional entourage.

  • Understand the differences in perception of the manager's abilities and skills by the manager him/herself and the perception of these abilities and skills by the manager's professional entourage.

  • Contribute to the manager's personal development.

  • Underline the points of improvement.


  • Distribute assessment questionnaires to all the participants: the manager, his/her superior and the manager's subordinates.

  • Undertake a series of interviews with the manager, his/her superior and the manager's subordinates.

  • Analyze the disparities in perception between the manager and his/her professional entourage.

  • Present and validate the results with the manager.

  • Finalize the report explicating the results and the points of improvement.