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Goals and Methodology
Case study

Individual coaching : Case study

The following case study will provide you with a more concrete view of coaching.

Framework of the mandate:

The client: A Private bank

The person being coached: The manager of a team of IT professionals

The obstacles encountered during the "current situation session":

  • The manager of the team has a credibility problem within his team of IT specialists, as his technical knowledge is inferior to that of his subordinates.  He has difficulties in asserting himself and in winning respect as a manager.

Subsequent to the "solutions session", the following decisions were taken:

  • Highlight the manager's other skills, which justify his role as responsible for the team.

  • Demonstrate the value added of his/her skills for the other members of the team.

The following action plan was set up:

  • Prepare a presentation of his management plan for the coming year (training, evaluation, career plan, recruitment…)

  • Increase the frequency of individual meetings in order to transmit information in a more personalised manner.

The results of the coaching were:

  • A renewal of the manager's credibility thanks to the team members better understanding of the manager's role.

  • A greater motivation of the team members thanks to an enhanced visibility of their career path.

  • Improved collaboration between the manager and the team.

  • The manager became more confident in his role of manager, had greater enjoyment at work and thus was more successful.