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Goals and Methodology
Case study 1
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Team coaching : Case study 1

Framework of the mandate:

Client: consulting firm

Team to be coached: team of consultants

The obstacles encountered during the "current situation session":

  • Lack of communication between the team members as they are dispersed at different client sites.

  • Lack of identification with the company culture as the team members spend the majority of their time at client sites, away from the firm

  • Lack of information concerning the firm itself in general and on the various projects in which the other team members are involved.

Subsequent to the "solutions session", the following decisions were taken:

  • Organise a weekly breakfast meeting. The agenda of these meetings includes current problems and the search for solutions. Furthermore, each team member will, in turn, present on a regular basis a progress report on his/her project.

  • Invite on a monthly basis a member of the "Top Management" to the breakfast meeting in order to increase the identification of the team members with the firm and to improve the transfer of information.

  • Organise quarterly outings to strengthen team ties.

  • Create a quarterly internal journal to improve the flow of information.

The results of the coaching were:

  • An improvement in the communication between the team members and between the team and the Top Management.

  • A reduction in staff turnover due to a greater identification with the company culture and stronger ties between team members.

  • A more efficient allocation of the team members to the various projects, thanks to improved knowledge of existing projects.