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Individual coaching: Goals and Methodology

Coaching is the accompaniment of a person starting from his/her professional needs for the development of his/her potential and know-how.

(Definition of the French coaching society)

In concrete terms this represents:

Accompanying a manager during a set period of time, in order to allow this person to improve him/herself, through the analysis of the current situation, the proposal of solutions and the establishment of an action plan.

The coach therefore, deals with the disparity between the present situation and the targeted goal.

B-Aron Conseil offers coaching services to managers who:

  • Are encountering certain professional obstacles

  • Wish to improve and perfect their professional skills

  • Aim to develop their managerial potential


  • Improve the manager's efficiency, satisfaction and motivation

  • Increase the value added to his/her team

  • Improve the interactions between the manager and his/her environment

  • Improve the manager's efficiency, satisfaction and motivation


  • Questionnaire to be completed by the person being coached

  • Analysis of the results of the questionnaire

  • "Current situation session" highlighting the obstacles, the points of potential improvements and the goals to be reached

  • "Solutions session" proposing various solutions to the different potential improvement points

  • Formation of an action plan according to the solution retained

  • Establishment of a status report for each stage

  • Follow-up of the action plan and evaluation of the results attained through periodic meetings with the manager

  • Final report containing the obtained results


Defined on a case-by-case basis