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Team coaching: Goals and Methodology

Team coaching is the accompaniment of a team of professionals during a given period of time, with the aim of improving their operations, through the analysis of the current situation, the proposal of solutions and the establishment of an action plan.

B-Aron Conseil offers its coaching services to teams which:

  • Are encountering certain operational obstacles

  • Wish to progress at the relational level

  • Whose ambition is to develop their potential and know-how


  • Improve the efficiency, cohesion and the value added of the team

  • Increase the satisfaction and motivation of the team members

  • Improve the interactions between the members and between the team and its environment


  • "Current situation session" highlighting the obstacles, the points of potential improvements and the goals to be reached

  • "Solutions session" proposing various solutions to the different potential improvement points

  • Formation of an action plan according to the solution retained

  • Establishment of a status report for each stage

  • Follow-up of the action plan and evaluation of the results attained through periodic meetings with the team

  • Final report containing the obtained results


Defined on a case-by-case basis